Monday, December 13, 2010

Bring back the Tradition of sending Christmas Cards

Christmastime is nearly upon us.  This week we will be discussing how to set the Christmas table to make it festive.  Today I would like to discuss Greetings Cards for the Holidays.  So many people have gotten away from sending out Christmas Cards.  The price of postage is pretty high these days and cards are a little expensive as well but I remember the feeling I get when I go to the mailbox and there is a card waiting for me.  Now it seems the only cards I get are from my dentist and my doctor's office.

I would love to see everyone bring back the idea of sending a Christmas Card this year.  It does not matter if you buy them or create them, just send out 20 cards this year.  It won't cost much and you will will add a smile to everyone who opens your card.  For inspiration I suggest that you visit CafePress or Etsy and do a search for Vintage Christmas Cards.  I am sure you'll find something that will strike your fancy.

If you decide to send out Christmas Cards you may also want to include a short newsletter or at least a note that tells what you have been up to.  This is a great time to restart that Christmas Tradition.  Taking the time to sit down and write a card or newsletter is good for you as well.  This Christmas lets bring back Christmas Cards!

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