Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Low Clost yet Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Mason jars, votive candles, pine cones and greenery make for a very inexpensive centerpiece.  If you live in the city you can find most of the items at you local hobby supply store for just a few dollars.  If you live in the country you can find the items for free.  You can also add a little more color by using red or green candles or adding holly berries to the mix.

You could also add a few colored ornaments or even Christmas light bulbs to add some color.  Just try not to use anything that would melt or is very flammable near the candles.  If you are worried about an open flame you can also use the battery powered votive candles.  The lights flicker on them and from a distance it is difficult to tell that they are not real.

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