Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interesting things to do with Christmas Lights

Here is another inexpensive yet great idea for Christmas Centerpieces.  Filling bottles or other glass containers with Christmas lights.  Bottles, cake plates, and even light fixture globes filled with Christmas lights really set a festive mood.  Though you can use regular Christmas lights LED lights do not produce as much heat (and use less energy) and are just as pretty.

Battery operated lights also make things a bit easier because you do not have to worry with hiding the wires.  Colored glass with clear lights seem to look the most elegant.  If you use regular lights be sure to remember to check to see how hot the glass is getting at regular intervals.

The Christmas light filled bottles also look really nice in a windowsill.  You can use different sized and colored bottles grouped together and get some really neat effects.  Frosted bottles and glass also look very nice.  Try this out with a few different types of glass and see what you come up with.  We'd love to see your pictures!  Just email us at with your pictures, ideas or questions.

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