Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorating for Christmas Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Thanksgiving is over and now it is time to start getting ready for Christmas.  There is really no reason to spend a ton of money decorating this year.  If you shop around you are sure to find some really good deals on Christmas Decorations.  There seems to be some trends on Vintage and Retro designs this year.  Check at and search for Vintage Christmas.  These will give you some ideas.

If you are using a artificial tree this year you might miss the smell of the real deal.  Stores are now carrying Christmas tree scented items to help you to have the atmosphere that a real tree gives.  Using an artificial tree will save you money in the long run and though most Christmas Tree Farms are now replacing the trees they cut, using an artificial Christmas Tree can be better on the environment. 

Be sure to check with your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's for weekly discounts and specials.  Buying the material and making your own decorations can be fun and remind you of a time gone by.  If you have kids, it is a great way to help them to get into the spirit.  There is nothing like hanging an ornament you made yourself on your tree.

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